I thoroughly recommend this book to all with Gastric Bands, as it works! Patients find it easy, encouraging, and they quickly learn the healthy eating habits that lead to their goal, ie. becoming slimmer, fitter and happier Dr Kathryn De ‘ Garis, Lap Band Physician

I am absolutely amazed at the content. Why wasn’t I told this 3 years ago when I had the band????? I could have avoided a lot of problems. I started to chew food like you said and today for the first time I had a slice of wholegrain bread with tuna. From now on you are going to be ST. HELEN in my book. I have sent for the three DVD’s and I am going to follow every word. I am Italian and a chef and I eat differently. I have not touched rice or pasta for 3 years, have lost 40 kg but recently had the band emptied because of problems ( mainly due to regurgitation) and have put on 10 kg. I hate it!!!!! Thank you again, I would come and see you and sit at your feet, but I live 3 hours away damn it. G.Gvagna

The Gastric Band Nutrition Essential was the best information I have received prior to my operation. After looking for information through various websites, I couldn’t really find what I was looking for, but then I came across The Gastric Band Nutrition Essential and it was the best information I have received prior to my operation. It made me feel well prepared for my first few weeks at home. It was money well spent and the recipes are fantastic. Thank you very much for my life saver book and I congratulate you on what you do. Looking forward for your next book. Thank Lina DiFalco