5th May 2014

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Personal Trainers Note, Breakfast Is NOT The Key Meal For Lap Banders

Leading Lap Band Dietitian Helen Bauzon urges personal trainers to stop forcing breakfast onto individuals who have had Lap Band surgery. In fact it often causes the complication of regurgitation in a large number of clients.

In recent years, the Lap Band has become synonymous with weight loss and it has indeed changed the lives of many people, however, there are some special considerations that are required once a person has had a Lap Band fitted.

Most health experts – including personal trainers – will often argue that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, to break the over night fast and rev the metabolism into gear. However, the same cannot be said for people that have had a Lap Band fitted and here’s why:

To allow the Lap Band to help reduce one’s hunger to feel satisfied on less food and to maintain this sensation all day long, the Lap Band often feels the tightest in the morning making it difficult to eat. It can often take between 2-4 hours before the first meal of the day can be eaten. My clients often report

“ I just don’t feel hungry in the morning, I can’t eat”

Therefore, the new thinking about the Lap Band should begin to lean towards replacing the classic Breakfast, lunch and dinner to the first second and third time a meal is eaten, with the whole process beginning from 2-4 hours after waking in the morning.

Personal trainers – and other health experts – should stop telling patients who have undergone this type of surgery to eat breakfast as it just doesn’t work. Trying to force food down through the Lap Band first thing in the morning is just not a good idea, and it can leave patients requiring to regurgitate the meal.

For more information on why the Lap Band feels tighter in the morning, it is important to understand that the Lap Band creates a funnel effect rather than a small stomach please visit

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