Weight loss surgery will only help.

You had dreams of how your life would have turned out…You had an idea of what your body would look like. Deep down you want to feel amazingly fit, strong, healthy and stand up tall.  Yet for many of you, these aspirations still elude you.  Overcome by frustration, daily routines and limited time, you sometimes no longer even make an effort to begin making a change.  You give up and place it in the “too hard basket” and do nothing.

You may be lost at the moment. Feeling that you have repeatedly tried and failed each time rendering you feeling defeated and deflated. Emotions of guilt, shame and hopelessness possibly surrounds you about how you got this way. Feeling you are too far gone as you have gained too much weight and you have repeatedly tried to lose the excess baggage weighing you down.  What I know about you already is that you are a fighter. You have not given up as you are still seeking a solution as you read this article.

Think back to the time when you felt your fittest, lightest on your feet where you could move freely and do everything you desired and most importantly deserved.  I bet you have a smile on your face.

Now you may be thinking it’s just not possible to get this back.  You can go back to that old great feeling body. If it’s possible for others it is possible for you.  But how, where do you start?

Has the thought of weight loss surgery ever passed your mind? Do you know of someone who has gone down this path and looks amazing?  Which type of weight loss surgery are you considering?

Before embarking on this journey, first ascertain whether you actually need and will benefit from having weight loss surgery. Please be aware, the sole purpose of weight loss surgery is to control your hunger. Each surgery type including the Lap Band, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Bypass Surgery, Endobarrier and the Gastric Balloon, will achieve this with differing physical and hormonal mechanisms.

One client elegantly described the effect of weight loss surgery as,

“My brain just does not feel hungry anymore”.

Once this is achieved, it becomes so much easier for you to work on your mind, body and spirit which is key for you getting your mojo back and living life to its fullest.  Weight loss surgery will be your friend to support you through your new journey, not do it for you.

This highlights the importance of viewing weight loss surgery correctly. No weight loss surgery is bullet proof and successful on its own.  It will not allow you to escape from the contribution you must make in living a healthier lifestyle regarding your food choices, activity levels and mind set to change any self-sabotaging behaviours.

Your weight loss needs planning including a menu plan, exercise regime and daily goal setting to keep you focussed. Just like other major events in your life such as building a house.  Would you ever consider building a house without discussing your desired outcome of the number of bedrooms, ensuites, outdoor living area with your builder and most importantly when you would like the project completed?  You would never leave these crucial decisions to all of the tradesmen with differing views and preferences to you. It’s your house, you need to control the outcome, just like your weight.

To move forward, if you are considering weight loss surgery, the next step is to ensure you correctly understand how each type of surgery works physically, hormonally and how this will affect the way you live your life long term to lose weight and stay healthy. These details can be found at www.LapBandDiet.com.au.




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Helen Bauzon has worked in the Bariatric industry since the year 2000 having successfully counselled thousands of individuals who have had Weight Loss Surgery.

Helen’s goal is to teach individuals how to live with their chosen weight loss surgery and overcome self sabotaging behaviours that prevent weight loss.