In essence the diet for you to lose weight with the Lap Band, is simple.  Just eat ‘normal solid healthy bulky food’ such as, fruit, vegetables, cereals, grains and add protein to this. Try to eat the protein first as this will help make you feel fuller for longer.  Imagine a small toddler plate, split this in half.  Fill half the plate with protein and the other half with some bulky food as mentioned earlier including some kind of vegetable with your second and third meal of the day.

You might be wondering about, ‘How much carbohydrate should I be eating?’  A small amount is fine, avoid them and you will likely start to crave ‘the easy convenience food’, chocolate, ice-cream etc foods that slide through the band too easily.  This is called cheating.

Helen will teach you to eat a little of everything guilt free, alongside the Lap Band.  Watch a presentation by Helen Bauzon below providing an over view.


Helen describes the different types of food and to eat these in partnership with the lap band



You can drink eat together with the lap band, but be careful, it’s about the timing


 There are some common foods difficult to get through the Lap Band


Learn what to do when you experience a food get blocked



Are you taking your multi-vitamin supplement each day?  I hope so, because you need it.

Suggestions on eating out with the Lap Band

Cold meals are an issue with the Lap Band, suggestions to manage this are below.


Yes, you can gain weight with the Lap Band, learn how to avoid this



 Where to from here?  You may be wondering. You need to decide which weight loss packge would suit you in obtaining all the core dietary information you must remember and understand to be able to successfully lose the weight you desire and deserve.  Click here for details of the three different types of gastric band weight loss packages.