Any weight loss surgery such as Lap Band surgery is considered a last resort as you must have tried all other options prior to being accepted for Lap Band surgery.  To qualify for Lap Band surgery  this is primarily based on your Body Mass Index (BMI). The BMI is determined by dividing your weight (kg) by your height (meters squared).

A BMI between 20-25 is considered in the healthy weight range.

A BMI greater than 40 or between 30–40 in cases of patients with one co-morbidity that is known to improve with weight loss, such as sleep apnea, diabetes, osteoarthritis, GERD, Hypertension (high blood pressure), or metabolic syndrome, among others are eligible for Lap Band surgery.


If you qualify, seek a referral from your family doctor to organise an appointment at your preferred weight loss centre.  The centers that Helen Bauzon consults to include:

  1. The Bariatric Centre
  2. The Complete Weight Loss Centre
  3. Victorian Bariatric Centre


The chosen weight loss centre will begin a round of medical examinations to ensure that you are healthy for Lap Band surgery



In preparation for surgery Helen addresses the three biggest misconceptions about the Lap band in the video below