5th May 2014

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How Lap Band Surgery Stigma Is Damaging To Health

While lap band surgery is becoming more commonplace, it seems the stigma behind needing such surgery still remains if not increasing. The consequences can be damaging to the health of individuals who have recently undergone this procedure, as they struggle to follow the dietary rules leading to complications of regurgitation.

Patients might feel embarrassed to admit they have had a lap band fitted for many reasons. Particularly the fear of failing another weight loss attempt again and especially the community stigma, as was felt by US Governor Mr Chris Christie, who commented;

“What I hate, is the negative stigma associated with surgery. It’s not simply a fats mans’ way out of obesity- it’s a lot of hard work and that’s something not many people realise”

Keeping confidential about ones’ lap band surgery can be damaging in many ways. When eating out in public, individuals try to ‘keep up’ the pace of eating similar to everyone else at the table, or they stand out.

It is impossible for individuals with a lap band to ‘keep up’. Fast paced eating can often lead to pain and discomfort due to food blockages or regurgitation. As a result, friends would often ask, “Are you ok, you didn’t eat much?” and waiters would comment “Was there something wrong with the meal?” This makes an individual with a lap band even more self-conscious.

However, repeated regurgitation must be avoided as long term this can lead to increasing the risk of a pouch forming. A pouch is when the area of the stomach above the lap band is stretched. This renders the lap band less effective in appetite control and weight gain can occur.

More community education is needed to ensure that weight loss surgery becomes more acceptable and to ensure that people who turn to this type of procedure get the help and support that they need. Once the stigma has finally been removed, then people who have had a lap band fitted will feel less pressure and feel much more able to cope with eating in public.

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