Dietary Advice

Without a doubt the over all goal, with respect to your food choices and the Gastric Band, is to eat “normal solid” food that you ate pre Lap Band surgery, but in smaller quantities, by allowing the Gastric Band to do its magic and trick your brain to feel satisfied on less food for a longer time.

The dietary advice is separated into three section:

1. Preparation for Lap Band Surgery – Optifast

2. Fluids and transition onto solid food post Gastric Banding surgery

3. Long term weight loss surgery diet


Within the right hand column, all this information can be seen under the main headings of Lap Band Diet and Lap Band Recipes

It is common and normal for the Lap Band to feel the tightest in the morning, rendering you not hungry for breakfast. So listen to this and don’t force breakfast down. Instead wait the appropriate time on average 2 to 4 hours after waking in the morning for your appetite to inform you that it is time to begin eating. So you will have noticed that the recipes are not broken into breakfast, lunch and dinner categories. But rather the first, second and third meal of the day.

Once you have attended one of Helen’s 90minute webinar or workshops you will quickly understand that there is absolutely no need to buy Lap Band cook books. All you need to do is learn how to modify your meal preparation or the food on your plate a small 5% to make it easier to eat after your weight loss procedure. Hence Helen has made these suggestions in red through out the recipe section.