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Lap Band Dietitian Helen Bauzon, provides a 1min 17sec. video explaining the benefits of her two lap band e-books below.

Lap Band Package E-Books


For maximum weight loss it is highly recommended that the full range of products is purchased to help you stay on track long term. The Gastric Band Nutrition Essential would be your starting point to understand the theory of how to live with your Lap Band. Followed by the Weight Loss Surgery shopping guide to provide suggested products when shopping and over 40 portioned meal ideas.

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The Gastric Band Nutrition Essential E-Book


The Gastric Band Nutrition Essential

  1. Do you vomit or experience discomfort regularly when you eat?
  2. Has your weight loss hit a stand still or plateaued and you want to lose more?
  3. Are you planning or considering to have Lap Band surgery?

Let leading expert Bariatric Dietitian Helen Bauzon show you how to work in partnership with the Lap Band and help you regain your health and zest for life by losing weight permanently and keeping it off.

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Lap Band Shopping Guide E-Book

lapbandshoppingguidebookhighresolutionPurchasing healthy food choices can be confusing these days, with so many product options with varying nutrition messages on the packages. That’s why the Weight Loss Surgery Nutrition Shopping Guide was produced.  Leading Bariatric Dietitian, Helen Bauzon has developed strict nutrition criteria to guide your food selections when shopping, to meet your specific weight loss and nutritional needs post gastric band surgery.The Weight Loss Surgery Nutrition Shopping Guide, is the only book available post gastric band surgery, to help you find the best food products for maximum weight loss.  The shopping guide provides:

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Stay Fit Not Flabby Exercise, DVD

Stay Fit Not Flabby

  1. Do you struggle finding time to exercise, with the everyday pressures of long hours at work, home alone with the kids or you travel regularly?
  2. Do you dislike going to the gym?
  3. Has exercise been foreign to your lifestyle, so that you find it difficult and uncomfortable?
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